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Refreshing Beachside Eats: The Polo Grill

It’s always a good sign when the appetizers sound so delicious on a restaurant’s menu that you can’t decide which to choose, but that’s the fun of trying a new place. The Polo Grill on Ocean Drive in Vero Beach is the new place with Bill Brown (formerly of The Patio) at the helm.

It’s a new American Steakhouse with the theme of Steak, Wine and Crudo. Crudo in Italian means raw and the idea is that the food should be fresh and light. The ambiance is fresh and light too (yet cozy) which made our party feel right at home. As an example, the Polo Grill will be rotating fresh oysters every week from different parts of the country. Vegetables might be from their hydroponic garden.

The al fresco veranda (covered patio) is enchanting with its ample seating and is a perfect place to dine and people watch. They will be building a bar that will blend the best of the inside and outside, which will serve their fresh handcrafted cocktails and whimsical wine list. They already feature a collection of bourbons and aged sipping rums.

The culinary team (with their former restaurants in parenthesis) is led by Scott R. (Ocean Grill), Joe D. (Windsor Club), Brent B (The Amalfi Grill), Heath B. (The Patio) and Tyler K. (Chef Michaels). It’s a stellar cast in the kitchen!

Back to the menu, my choice for an appetizer after a discussion with Greg, our well informed and enthusiastic waiter, was the Calamari Fries made with julienne calamari steak that is flash fried and served with a sriracha beurre blanc, drop peppers and capers. Absolutely lovely! It was probably the best calamari that I have had, on this side of the Atlantic. The Ahi Stack was our other choice, which is a poke style ahi tuna with avocado, sesame, wonton and mango. Another crowd pleaser that was voted refreshing.

The Chop Chop Salad, which has cucumber around its circumference, was lively with a tasty lemon dijon vinaigrette. It was fresh and it seemed to me to be straight from the garden.  Our lobster bisque was served in a UFO bowl and received a thumb’s up. (I was this close to saying it was out of this world, which it was!)

Then we had to pick our main course. I chose the 7oz. Filet Mignon from Revier Ranch in Minnesota. They promised the best beef and they delivered. My medium rare steak was served on a bed of pink Himalayan salt with truffle potato au gratin. Both the potato and the steak were superb and cooked correctly. (Don’t miss the potato au gratin! You can order it as a side – pure BLISS!)

Roasted Faroe Island Salmon was our other choice. Its brown sugar ancho (pepper) rubbed with a tomato avocado salsa over a brown rice and red quinoa pilaf with a black bean puree. Salmon is never my first choice, but I would have to say it was tasty and our salmon connoisseur said it was delicious and fresh.

And though you wouldn’t believe it we still had to have dessert. It called to us. Who can resist Tiramisu or a Key Lime Tart with macadamia crust (very different) and meringue topping? We couldn’t and it’s a good thing that we didn’t. The Key Lime Tart is a scene stealer, even people who don’t like sweets wanted more.

I found that the Polo Grill was that surprising restaurant with a big city vibe that fit perfectly into our beautiful beachside village. Open Sunday through Thursday from 4:30pm to 9pm and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. To reserve a table please call (772) 231-4090 or online at pgvero.com.